Losing Miss Rustie

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by The Hen, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Unfortunately, Miss Rustie is not making it. I went out to the coop this am and she was laying on the ground so i picked her up and she opened her eyes. I took her in the house and nestled with her for a little bit before i had to leave for work. I wrapped her up and nestled her in a blanket and put her in her "house" and in the bedroom with the door closed (dogs) so she could rest peacefully. I wanted to stay with her, but had to get to work. I didn't know what else to do with her. I called my husband and he told me to put her out of her misery, but i can't do it the way he wanted me too (I think it is cruel). This is my first time keeping chickens and have never had to cull one before so not sure what to even do. She didn't act in pain, just had her eyes closed and slowly breathing so I left her in her house in the bedroom. I figure she is at peace and will go when she feels ready.

    Rest In Peace Miss Rustie. I will miss you. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Sorry!
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    thank you.
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    How sad. Very sorry.
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    Gosh, I'm so sad to hear she isn't able to fight whatever it is that's been making her feel so sick. And it was unmistakeable, with that tail drooping down so low, that she was feeling pretty sick.

    There are so many things that can kill a chicken, sometimes we can never know what did them in.

    If she doesn't die soon, if she lingers and appears to be suffering, a simple way to speed her on her way is to go get that can of your husband's engine starting fluid. If he tinkers with your cars, he'll have some. It's mainly either. Spray a good amount on a cloth until it's wet. Hold your little girl with the cloth over her face, covering her whole head to make sure she's breathing it in. It should put her to sleep immediately, then quickly end her suffering.

    Be prepared to have her convulse as she dies. At that point, though, she's already dead. Keep holding the cloth over her face until she goes completely limp. It's not a pleasant thing to have to do, but it beats watching her suffer for the next several days.
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    I am so sorry you are loosing Ms Rusty, specially since you are new to chickens, I think you did right to keep her separated from the others so she will have more peace and quiet. I know it is a heart broken situation and I hope she goes fast so she won't suffer long.
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    Thanks all for your thoughts and cares.

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