Losing Our House


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Well I guess it seem's somewhat official We are losing our house.DH has been calling bank again for month's.He called Friday and they said they could Only accept 2 payment's by the 22d.Baaaaaa No way!Anyway We paid a lawyer for bankruptcy last week.The lawyer said We needed to keep house or close to rent amount in order to file.The mortgage Co. told DH today they would send Deed and Lieu.We would get $2500 to cover moving cost and rent.They said wont accept anything other than the 4 payments We Owe or deed & Lieu. RENT??? We have 2 repo'd vechicles coming for money if we dont get the bankruptcy we couldnt afford NO rent.Maybe a cardboard Box!We have been looking everywhere for something for Us ,We have my 19 year old daughter and 2 year old grandson, a cat a dog a bird....I have been trying hard to place the outside bird's but still have a ton left.
. I just hatched some awesome chicks too
and more incubating.I thought they were going to work something out but so far it isnt' looking too good.Im so stressed and tired of worry and all the problem's.I dunno what to do
. Anyone close to SWVA prolly have some free bird's and chicks soon. Oh and 11 ducks too AFLAC!
I don't know if it helps...but there's going to be a poultry swap in Madison Heights VA (just north of Lynchburg) on Oct 16. That might be a good way to get some money for your chickens, chicks and ducks - sounds like you could really use it.

I hope things get better soon.
Thanks for the huggs. Just taking it a day at a time here. Just wanna find a place for grandson to live and find good home's for my birdie's. I'll keep an update on how it's going. Thanks for the replie's.
Have you called in to the federal government? I keep hearing they have emergency help for people in your kind of trouble.

Have you got any relatives to stay with?
Yes read about the swap but no way to transport any of my bird's.And to previous post.No No relative's to help either so...

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