Loss of feathers and scabbing.

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  1. brittb

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    Oct 29, 2016
    I have a Golden Laced Wyandotte that has feather loss and scabbing around her bottom. It started about 2-3 months ago with feather loss that appeared to be her molting. The skin started to turn a beefy red but no open areas or sores. She now has scabbing in the area but new feather growth. What could this be and how do I help her?


  2. PeepersMama

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    She probably has really mild flystrike or a really bad mite infestation. It looks like her flockmates have been pecking it too. Give her a warm bath to drown any mites that may be on her, or dust her with diatomaceous earth. Just be careful not to let water or DE get near her nose; DE is hard on their respiratory systems.

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