Lost 2 chicks today..

ny mason

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Apr 22, 2013
A week ago I picked up 6 RIR chicks.I have a few older hens and a rooster and to be honest got them older because I didn't want to do the whole "chick" thing.
Anyway,I have had the chicks for a week and I keep them in an indoor pen at night and a separate area in my run during the day.
This morning when I woke up I found one have drowned in the water dispenser {I have one of those 1 gallon automatic dispensers}.
this evening not 20 minutes after I brought them in I found another {crushed} by the SAME **** water dispenser.

So needless to say,I feel horrible and that water dispenser is history,at least until they get a little older..
What do you guys use for water?
I was thinking maybe an ice cube tray?

any advise is very appreciated..dont want to lose anymore of these guys!
That's a great idea!
so simple yet never occurred to me.
of course,that wont prevent the crushing although I believe that to be a freak accident.
is there a better option out there to dispense water to chicks?
I was toying with the idea of using ice cube trays but they drink so much I fear I will be adding water 5+ times a day!
I use the little 1-quart waterers when they are really little, and switch to the 1-gallon as they get a little older. If you already have mason jars, all you would need to purchase would be the base itself, as a mason jar will screw into it. Alternately, if you have a shallow pan and put the pebbles in, you can hold a lot more water than in an ice cube tray that would be knocked over and spilt as soon as one of them jumps up onto it. Or, if you stick with the 1-gallon, but only fill it about 1/3 full at a time, it won't have so much weight to crush them if it falls.
I am so sorry.....I would do any of what has already been stated. I got a small 1 quart waterer in my 'chick starter kit' from TSC....I have to refill it often, I got 14 girls! :) Better to be safe than sorry. :(
Thanks for the feed back.
I'm gonna try the pebble thing with less water/weight.
I really feel horrible about this especially because it was 2 in one day by the same devise I installed.
but...you live and you learn I suppose..
I have three small plastic cups that are about chest height and filled with rocks for my 1 week old chicks. They go through them pretty fast, and I find myself constantly topping them off. On the other hand, I need to find something smaller for my newbies that I just got today. :/
The pebble thing would be best. I do have one chick that is mean to the others so she has to stay separate for awhile. I gave her an ice cube tray for her food and water, but it has to be changed all the time and really isn't the best solution, but it will do the job for now.

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