Lost 2 tonight.....so upset


9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
Winters, CA
It happened. Again. This time it was my dog. We adopted a dog from the shelter a couple of months ago. He is a doxon/pit mix (?) and he loves to chase the chickens around.

I had the hens loose in their part of the yard with the gate shut. I'm in the garage and I hear this HORRIBLE sound coming from the yard, it sounded like a cat screaming. I knew what it was. I ran out back screaming the dogs name, but he doesn't listen. I get close to the area and he comes running out, licking his lips. Hen is still screaming. I haul him across the yard, throw him in the house, grab my flashlight, and run back to the coop. I immediately see my BO/wynadotte cross on the ground, her back just chewed up. She's alive. I look around and realize I am missing one. I look outside the run and I see black & white feathers under the ivy. I ran across the street and got my neighbor (hubby is at work still) and he came over and took care of them for me. They were both still alive, barely. They were chewed up really bad.

I am so devastated. I don't know what to think or do. I know it's not the dogs fault, but part of me wants to just take him back to the shelter. I can't even look at him. All I see is the mangled back of my girl and that horrible sound that she made is ringing in my ears.

Sad, sad night. I feel awful.
So sad..

I know my dogs would love to get a chicken.. they were residents 9 years before we had a single hen.. so they are not allowed in the front yard where the flock lives until nightfall when all are safely locked up in the coop.

So sorry to hear about your loss.

I am so sorry for you..I once watched my grandma's weiner dog for her and she killed our precious pet cockatiel....It was horrible just how you described...try really hard to not play it over in your head. Take care.
Terrible! Pit's are scary dogs to me, although friends of mine insist they get a bad rap. I had chickens attacked by feral cats in the past, was able to nurse them back to health only to have a them later killed by feral cats. I can't image the feeling of betrayal you must feel since you saved this dog from a shelter. I you do decide to keep him it will take a lot of training to cure him of this new habit. In hind-sight the first hint that trouble was coming was him 'chasing the chickens'.
Im sorry for your loss, we had a wolfdog for awhile and although it was on the other side of the fence from the chickens, the chickens would occasionally fly over the fence and get eaten. and you cant take a chicken away from a wolfdog. dont blame the dog its just their natural instinct.
That breed, its in their blood....have a friend with 3 doxies and they will any critter, that's what they were used for many years ago.....I hate to say he prob should go back and be adopted out to a non chicken household, unless you are willing to be on the alert at ALL times.....as an owner of a chicken killing dog, its an absolute pain, but mine we had for over 2 yrs when we got chickens, so I cant part with him. All the training in the world wont help my guy.

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