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    Feb 11, 2008
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    I just had my worst hatch ever. Out of 16 eggs only 3 hatched. 10 fully developed but didn't hatch. Of the 3 that hatched, one had curled toes and developed spraddle legs, despite being on paper towels. The other 2 seemed normal until last night. The Ameraucana chick went from normal to listless. I checked her for pasty butt and was horrified to see that her vent was incredibly smaller than any I have seen on my past chicks. She was big chick, yet her vent was smaller than my little silkies when they were hatched (one particuarly tiny Silkie had pasty butt trouble so I know how big the vent was from cleaning it so much). Anyway, I could see dried poop in the opening of the Ameraucana's vent. I held a warm wet paper towel to her butt and managed to clear the opening. The dried poop was inside, not out. She passed away last night. I think her vent was too small to poop normally. I know it's probably better that she died now because egg laying would have been a problem. I say she because I was really hoping she was a pullet. It was one of the prettiest chicks I have ever seen. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

    Also, the 2 survivors seem ok and active, but aren't eating much yet. They are Marans. They are 2 & 3 days old. My JG's were piglets by now. Should I worry. BTW, their butts look fine.
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    IM so sorry to here about your hatch and lost chick . I hope the others do OK.

    I have never seen a chick with a tiny vent. May have been a slow developing one. I also had a chick born with spradle leg about a month ago. I t died within 24 hours even though I made splints and hand feed water.

    Enjoy your babies. !
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    HorseJody, I'm sorry about your beautiful little chick.

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