Lost a chicken, but how?


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Jul 30, 2020
I went outside last night around 5 and found one of the chickens dead along the fence line. I wrapped her in a towel thinking it would be gruesome. I thought her head was partially severed, but in the morning light I see there is zero blood. Just feathers everywhere. What on earth could have happened?? A broken neck but no blood? I buried my girl already so there is no way to take another look. Has anyone had this happen?
Where are you located? It could have been about any predator. If you have a game camera, put it up because more than likely the predator has been lurking looking for an opportunity or maybe happened by, either way is will probably be back because it made a kill and then you will know what you are dealing with and can make a plan. Good luck...
Hey Sorry you lost one a photos would be allot of help.
Feathers all over ? What state are you in? that can help to identify predators
Sorry no pics, I was pretty upset and didn't want to look too closely at her and just buried her. Also it was dark. Her head flopped pretty bad when I picked her up so I thought it was partially severed but it may have just been broken. Feathers everywhere. This morning I checked out the area, no blood that I could see and no damage to the fence. I'm in CT.
No blood tells me weasel. They will pull the head off and eat/drink the blood, eat the gizzard and move on to the next one.
Ewwww well maybe yeah. I looked at her foot for the band to see which one, but I didn't look any further... its possible if the spot where it fed was small.

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