Lost a duckling yesterday, weird how it happened!


11 Years
Sep 4, 2008
Rio Maria,Para',Brazil
Yesterday I lost one of my 4 Muscovy ducklings. I gave all the birds watermelon rinds, which they love as a treat. We are finally getting much needed rain and when, I went out to check all the birds, no birds at the rind, but they were covered with Honey bees.
Here in Brazil the Honey bees are Africanized honey bees(killer bees) and real mean. So I quickly hit the rind around until I could bag them, and most of the bees left, awhile later I saw one duckling nudging another, she had just vomited, and was acting lifeless, I brought her inside and she convulsed and died. I think she got stung by the bees, because they love the rinds the most out of all the birds.
Thank God everyone else is Ok! Everyone stayed away from the bees, except as they we despersing, My crazy Jumbo Pearl Guineas were eating the few remaing bees they could catch!!!!
So no more unobserved Watermelon rind Treats, unless I am there!
Learning the HARD way!

Oh, by the way Mama duck is sitting on 8 more eggs, due the 15th.


Coturnix Obsessed
11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Indiana, Pennsylvania
awh i am so sorry how you lost that one that is so sad!!!! We supposedly have those here too but more in the warmer states, but i guess they have been found around PA too (a northern state). The honeybees we have here are very docile, but we are losing them to pestides and it's really sad. I saw 2 this summer that's it.

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