Lost all but one chicken so far..Is there any truth to the Mareks resistant gene I have read about?

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    May 31, 2013
    I have done so much reading on Mareks..I have tried all the suggestions for Helping my chickens to survive Mareks. I have lost 5 of my 6 chickens .I now only have one female turken. I will not get my hopes up too high that she will be the lone survivor...but it would certainly be nice. I worry about her being alone..she is extremely social! She talks nonstop..how will she fare by herself?!! also, does anyone know which breeds may carry that gene that may help provide natural resistance to Mareks? I have been reading about that, but have not come across any info on what breeds they are? Maybe its just wishful thinking?

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    I have many unvaccinated chickens and I also have Marek's, but I only lose a few each year to it.

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    Jan 17, 2013
    I'm not sure about resistant breeds myself but I know YOU can breed for resistance yourself from the survivors I believe. I agree it's not good for her to be alone. Another possible option would be to vaccinate any new birds brought onto your property. If you decide to do that remember please it takes at least 3 weeks some say longer for the vaccinated bird to build the immunity and antibodies. So you would need to keep the vaccinated birds AWAY from exposure during that time. Exposure would be outside or adult birds or Mareks positive birds. Many think after vaccination they are instantly protected and this is NOT true.they need time to develop the antibodies in their system first. If you decide to go this route remember vaccine is not 100% . But it's the only protection we have as of now other than breeding for resistance. So remember to give ample quarantine time to the vaccinated birds to build antibodies should you decide to go this route.i do hope this is helpful and wish you the best.
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    That was my stupid question. sorry.
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    Egyptian Fayoumis are said to be resistant to marek's ....they are great chickens, egg laying breed, great foragers and great moms, roosters very vigilant and get along well.

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    Thankyou! I will certainly research that breed of chicken!
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    That is great information-- may I ask where you heard/read about this? I'd love to add it to my FAQ with correct sources. :)
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