Lost All Our Hens :-(

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  1. We lost all our hens the past two nights (we only had 3, must have been a raccoon family) :hit and now our poor rooster won't come down from the rafters. We don't want him to be alone, so we will offer him to another flock-keeper. But how do we get him down from the rafters and catch him??
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  2. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    Sorry you've lost birds. So you're going to get rid of the rooster too and go without a flock for a while?

    I have a large net with a handle to capture hens if I need to. Like this:
    Chicken catch net.jpg
    I've had it long enough, I can't recall where I got it though. Maybe someone you know has something similar?
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  3. Sequel

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    :hugsI am so sorry! He will have to come down for water and food eventually, is it safe for him to do so? There’s always a ladder after dark but you don’t want anyone else to get hurt. What a horrible thing for you and your chickens, again I’m so sorry!
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    So sorry for your loss. Walmart carries nets.
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  5. He has always spent the nights up in the rafters, which is why he is still here. Yes, he will have to come down sooner or later. I hope it is in daylight!
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  6. That would be a great thing to have. I used to have a hook type chicken catcher, but I think I loaned it out years ago and never got it back.
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    :hugs very sorry for your loss

    Get him at night with a net. They're more calm at night when roosting. He's probably terrified right now, poor thing.

    Are you planning on getting new chickens? If you are you can keep him and add new ones in with him after they've been quarantined.
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    Awww, this is terrible news & I'm very sorry to hear it. As for the poor rooster, he's probably traumatized by hearing & possibly seeing all of his flock killed. No wonder he's staying in the rafters! If her were my roo, I would try to coax him down with some mealworms. If it didn't work, I would get a ladder & try to get him off of his perch at night. Wear glasses (or goggles), long pants & a long sleeved, thick shirt, as I'd expect him to freak out.

    And set traps for the racoon family. Frozen marshmallows as bait. Have a heart & show em some lead.
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  9. Bad news: Those darn raccoon climbed right up into the rafters and got our rooster (Big Red). So now they are all gone. We may not get new ones. I have heard that the raccoon population around here has increased by quite a bit. The coyotes have mostly moved up into the Denver metro area! Not enough predators anymore.
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    Apr 15, 2018
    So sorry!
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