Lost another hen today...graphic pic


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Mar 9, 2012
North Carolina
We haven't lost a chicken to a predator in over 3 months. Before that it was like clockwork...every 2 weeks. Our neighbor has set out traps for coyote and fox, so we thought we were in the clear - until this morning. Our chickens free range during the day and when I checked last night - everyone was safely in the coop.

I found my favorite white leghorn dead within 15 feet of the coop this morning.
The other 2 layers were hiding in the nest boxes. It looks like whatever killed her left most of her there - head, neck, wings, legs - and even her egg she hadn't laid. She was still pretty much intact - unlike the other losses we've had up to this point. Here's a picture of her.

Any idea what might have done this?

My top rooster - a buff cochin - is still missing...
Unfortunately killing one predator just leaves the door open for another to move in. Your birds will never be truly safe as long as they are left out. Can you close the coop door at night to protect them from attacks after dark?
The coop door is definitely closed tight at dusk and reopens around 7:30 am - about 30 minutes after the sun comes up. Our coop is like Fort Knox at night - so I have no worries about while they are sleeping.

Do you think this could have been a hawk? or a dog?
I just found my rooster about 200 feet from the coop, on the edge of a field. He is also dead. Looks about the same as my hen but more feathers spread around...
oh sorry!!

I hate it when you just find feathers

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Do you think a bird of prey would eat 2 full size chickens within an hour?
I looked at the origional photo as it was very big, it looks like the meat has been pulled off the bone and it looks like only part of the bird was eaten, there could be a pair working together or a mom feeding young, so yes i believe it is very possible that birds of prey would kill more than one.

those yellow jackets are having a feast in that photo, i did not know they were attracted to blood.

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