Lost another hen :(


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Jul 2, 2012
P.E.I, Canada
I let the chickens free range last night, and I went into town for a bit. When I got home, there were feathers all over the ground! I think it is a fox, but I'm not sure. Is there anything I can do to get these foxes away?
Use traps and keep your hens in a run. Not sure there's any scare away tactic...at least I haven't come across one on here yet. Although a woman did post about using habeneros to keep raccoons away from the coop. Not sure how you could do that for free range though. Safest thing is to keep them in a run
I'd be willing to be that fox will be back now that it knows what deliciousness you have.
Hi, sorry about your encounter with the fox. Here's a suggestion I have never seen given here (probably has been, but it certainly isn't the advice given on a regular basis. How about one of the more flighty or aware breeeds. I had some penedesencas and they got along well with the flock, wanted nothing to do with me (ah there's the rub- right) and were the most aware birds in my flock. alert cautious birds survive better. If I were free ranging my flock would be entirely these type of birds. Certainly not fool proof, but better than a fat (but gorgeous and friendly) Orpington waiting to become lunch or dinner. Good luck, Keystonepaul

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You can either kill or get a guard. You can't detour them, especially not now that they know where the buffet is. They're just too smart to fall for tricks.
It's pretty hard to deter foxes, they're clever little sods.
You can get devices that mimic something watching them, but it's not 100% guaranteed to protect your chooks. The only 100% guarantee method to protect them is to kill the fox, and if you decide to do that make sure you do it humanely. You can get electrified mesh fences but I've heard stories of chickens getting their heads trapped and being electrocuted to death. 8c
This may sound strange but foxes won't go near the chickens area if there is a human scent, if you cut your hair you could put it around the chickens area and hopefully they won't go near the chickens. The next bit sounds really strange and weird but believe me its worth it, just pee around the area and then the foxes shouldn't go near. Simple (ish!)
I believe all that human pee and human hair clippings and human scent is hogwash. Sure it may work by chance from time to time but it is not what I would call a proven means of protection. Free range while you can keep watchful eye and kill the fox is your best bet. Fox aren't the easiest thing to trap either, shooting them is foolproof.

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