Lost....duck eggs....


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Mar 22, 2012
We have khakis and runners who have taken to spending all of their time (except at night) down at a big puddle in the woods and now we can't find their eggs. They go in the pasture at night but slip out first thing in the am (through the fence) and head down to the woods. We have looked everywhere and have even put a box down there but...no eggs...It's possible a dog is eating them but I'd really like to incubate some.
How can we get them to lay in the barn (or at least in the pasture)?
It's most likely your ducks are hiding these eggs in a spot where you cannot find them. Another possibility would be, as you suggested, a dog or another animal came and took them.
If possible, you can try to train them to lay in the barn if you put down a nesting box for them.
Just make them comfy extra hay, a bribe here-and-there with peas, etc.
Eventually, they will learn, "Oh! Here is where we lay!"

Wishing you the best!
Please give an update!

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