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    I have a pullet who seems to be very popular with the roo and because of this she has lost alot of feathers on her back. The skin looks very dry now. There is not any bleeding yet and I would like to know what I can do to prevent it. I think I should probably isolate her, hate to pen her up when all the other chickens have free reign of the yard. Is there any type of slave to put on her feathers and also can anything be done to prevent it from happening again?
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    If you don't want to seperate her you can fit her with a chicken saddle - yes , you heard me correctly, a chicken saddle... LOL. It is like a backward apron that you put on a hen to prevent the rooster from digging in on her back. Also clip down the roos toenails and spurs if they are long. Some members on here make the saddles, do a search and you should find someone. Best Wishes.
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    I've heard of using duck tape as a saddle also to protect the area and allow the feathers to grow back. We had girls with bare backs one summer (too many young roosters) and they stayed that way until the late fall when I think they moulted and the feathers grew back. Also we got rid of some of the roosters! We never got around to trying it but I had it on my list of possibilities.

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