Lost my best friend yesterday :(


11 Years
May 19, 2008
East Bethel MN
We put our 16 year old Lhasa Apso (Gizmo) down yesterday after a long hard road of watching him go downhill. It was like loosing a child! We both (DH and I) cried like babies. I couldn't push myself to go with him to the vet to give gizmo the "shot" It was just tooo hard for me. Dh said that he was sobbing uncontrolably before he even walked in the door at the vet. Of course the waiting room was packed with younger people and healthy animals. The vet was kind enough to give DH a body bag and placed gizmo in a box for proper burial here at home where he belongs. The hard part is gonna be putting him in the freezer until the ground thaws enough to bury him with the rest of the fallen pets.

15 years ago A friend of mine was moving into an apartment building on the 3rd floor with his wife, small child and 2 dogs. One was a german sheppard and then there was gizmo who had been abused by this friend for the first year of his life, so much so that he was afraid of toys. I gladly took him in and have had him ever since. This was the best darn dog anyone could ever ask for, never had accidents, rarely barked, and was such a good obedient boy. We loved him sooo much like he was our child. We don't have any children of our own. He went everywhere with us and loved every minute of it. Instead of playing with toys he played with our hands wrestling with us in a very loving and playful way. We would lay on the floor and put out our hands and tell him "get fired up gizzy" His cute little tail would just wag away and he would play for hours.

After a few years we were working more and he was getting lonely so we decided to get another Lhasa for him. We bought buddy at 3 months old. Buddy was a challenge, having been spoiled with an already house trained gizmo buddy was NOT even remotely close to being trained properly and had been "paper trained" at the breeders house which made outdoor potty training really hard. Ultimately it took us 2 1/2 years to housebreak that darn dog. One morning when buddy was 4 years old I woke up to let the boys outside and saw that buddy was dragging his back legs behind him. We took him to the vet immediately only to drop a few too many $$$ for no answers. I did alot of research over the course of a few weeks trying to diagnose him myself. I did it! Took him back to the vet and told them it was degenerative disc disorder (sp) It left poor buddy paralyzed and unable to control his bladder or bowels. The vet said we could go thru the surgery to "try" and ifx it but it was most likely to happen again. He was miserable not being able to walk/run so we decided to have him put down.

Gizmo was back to being the only dog again but had a few cats who loved him very much to keep him company while we were away.
I will miss the walks in the park, the car rides, the snuggles, and his sweet lilttle face. This morning I woke up to naturally carry poor gizzy downstairs and outside but he wasn't there. I dropped to my knees and just cried for a few minutes. It is gonna be sooo hard to get out of those habits. He truely was the son we never had. R.I.P Gizmo We love and miss you very much


11 Years
Jul 5, 2009
Middle Tennessee
I've had to do this with several pets, so I feel your pain. Know that you gave him fifteen happy years after his unfortunate start, and remember how much he added to your life and you to his. You did good!

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