Lost one of my girls...


Nov 6, 2021
Good Morning,
Let me start off by saying i keep my coop turned over and as clean as i can make it, doesn't smell ammonia, always airing it out. I made the girls run bigger outside. I noticed one of my RI Reds, seemed like she had that dirty butt thing going on, just sat there, her comb not standing up. I put her in the medical unit last night, washed her but with Luke warm water and epsom salt, sprayed her bum with anti bacterial, in the am found that she passed. I'm just so concerned whatever this is, will it kill my entire flock, everyone else seems healthy nice combs, foraging. I do see them digging alot and rolling in the shaded area. I also have an area in the coop that is like a sandbox that is full of Diatomaceuos earth
earth if they want to bath in coop. I'm at a loss
No useful words of advice, just empathy for your loss. So sorry to learn about your girl. It's tough when you don't know why and have to worry about the others.

Hope she's the only one. It sounds like you tried your best to help her.

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