Lost one today to respiratory problem

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  1. A2chicks

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    Jan 28, 2009
    I lost my first (and favorite) hen this morning. I've read several threads and have already learned some things but I feel really bad that this poor little girl suffered from my lack of expereince. This was an 8 month old Bardrock who started acting lethargic last Thursday and unfortunately I was out of town until Sunday then was sick for a day so I wasn't on top of it. Before I left she was hanging out in side the coop all day--not usual for her but it has been really cold. My chicken sitter found a baby sized egg Thursday on the floor of the coop. All of my girls use the nesting boxes for laying so I wasn't sure whose egg this was but now I think it was probably hers. On Monday I noticed she was just laying in the yard not moving around. I wasn't able to reach the vet. Monday evening she was "panting" open mouthed. I brought her in the house and kept in a crate in a warm basement and used an eyedropper to give her water with an antibacterial herbal and homeopathic combo that I use for myself. When I put her back in her crate she stayed standing with her mouth open and breathing loudly. I didn't know to give her electrolytes. I tried to give her some vitamins ground up in food but she wouldn't eat anything. This morning she was the same and I gavde her more of the "spiked" water. Got an appointment w/ the vet but she died before I could get her there.

    I read the posts about electrolyte solutions and the long article about Colds--that will take some studying. Thank you to all who made that info available.

    What health supplies do people keep around? Any books that are particularly good about chicken health? I have Damerow but didn't find it helpful for identifying symptoms and knowing what to do. I feel so bad I let this one die due to ignorance and don't want to do that again?

    Thanks for any help.

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    So sorry you lost her, we have ALL been there with you. It sounds like perhaps she may have been egg bound. They often will pant and be depressed etc. Things I like to keep on hand are:

    Poly -vi-sol liquid childrens vitamin
    Nitrofurazone (horse med) great for cuts and bear skin
    Mineral oil
    Tylan or LA 200
    Saline solution
    Syringes/ needles
    Corid/amprolium for coccidia
    Tweezers/ nail cutters
    Blood stop stick/powder
  3. A2chicks

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Thanks Chickenzoo. What are Tylan and Ivomec for? Do you have a suggestion for a comprehensive but understandable reference for chicken health?
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    Dec 21, 2007
    Southeast USA
    Tylan is an antibiotic..Tylan 50 injectable, also comes in water soluble powder.
    for better control of dose and quicker treatment, I prefer the injectable.
    very good for respiratory illness..

    the Ivermec is a broad wormer..also helps de-bug them..
    comes in injectable (don't inject..give orally) or in a drop on form..use like frontline..drops on back of neck.

    both can be found at most farm/feed stores in the livestock section, or online.

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