Lost them both :(

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  1. Well, everything I tried was for naught. I lost Fauna this mourning. She was the twin of the first baby I lost. I really thought she was getting better, and then when I woke up this mourning, she was just crying and crying, so I tried to put her with her mom, and she couldn't stand up, so I held her for the next hour and a half until she took her last breath, and I laid her to rest with her sister. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we once had shoulders, smooth as raven's claws.... ~ Jim Morrison
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    Oh I am so sorry to hear that. I remember how your story broke my heart when I read it. Just know you did more than most would. I will be thinking of you. Hang in there.
  3. Thanx, my son and I cried and held her and cried some more, and he helped me bury her nex to her sissy. She had alot of love while she was here, more than most humans!! She was our little girl, at least any pain she had is gone now. She and her sister will live on in our hearts forever [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry to hear she didn't pull through.

    Kudos to you for giving her every chance! hugs...
  5. Thanx, I am just glad I got the chance to help her.
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    So sorry for your loss.
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    We can take comfort in the fact that we gave them every chcne and tried our best.
  8. I was at my landlord's store, he was going to give me a baby from another goat he got from the man my goats came from. I walked into the barn and the baby was laying on the floor, half dead. I picked the little guy up and took him to my landlord, he said he was NEVER getting a goat from that man again. I held the poor baby until he breathed no more. I cried for him. I don't think this man took care of these poor does AT ALL. I told my landlord to get me if he came back so I could kick his sorry behind!!! [​IMG]
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    PUT an announcement on BYC when you find him and you can host a BYC butt kicking party. [​IMG]

    I'm sure there are a lot of people here who want to partake.
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    Im sorry for your loss [​IMG]

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