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    Nov 7, 2007
    Help! I live in the "city-fied" country. My backyard has a fenced area and just beyond the fence is a wooded area with a creek made from run off from the straight up hill which has the Interstate several acres away. Anyway, thought the picture might help. I have a regular 'ole red barn chicken as a pet for about a year now. I used to go out of the fence with her when she was young and slowly graduated to letting her go out by herself in small increments then graduated further (after all she did was pace the gate) to opening the gate in the mornings and letting her come & go as she pleased because she LOVED pecking around the creek. She NEVER wandered off, I could always see her just passing by a window, or could go out & call her and she'd come running.

    ANYWAY! She's gone! I've walked all over calling her & shaking her food bucket but can not find her! I'm frantic! I would think if something got her I'd see feathers. Could she have gotten brave and wandered so far she can't find her way back? Would a chicken wander that far? Maybe if got "spooked" took off running and can't find her way back? Or am I fooling myself and some kind of predator took her and ran with her?? Please tell me what you think, I've only been a "Chicken Mom" for about a year now.
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    Oh dear - what a worry that is. I'm so sorry. Hopefully she'll be found no worse for wear. I would venture as far and wide as you can, calling for her and shaking the food can. She may be hurt and alive and not able to get to you. This happened to me once and I did find my sweet roo, hurt but alive, hiding in a holly tree after a pred attack. He's okay now.
    When did she go missing? Do you have any other chickens?
    Sending hopes for a happy ending....
  3. Be sure to look up, too. She may have been spooked into a tree and is quietly roosting to avoid a predator.
  4. catfish

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Greenbrier, Arkansas
    The boys jip dog killed 6 chicks. No feathers, nothing was left.

    I hope you find her.
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    Is it possible she has gone broody? Maybe shes been stashing some eggs somewhere in a bush and has decided to try and hatch em. I hope you find your girl!!


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