lots of blood on eggs of my Aseel hen


6 Years
Nov 25, 2013

I have found two eggs like this for two days. She is the dominant bird, and the only hen in my flock that lays eggs this colour (offwhite, almost pink), and on the first day I found one like this, she appeared to have laid two eggs in a day. One was normal, the other was bloody like this one. I collect at around the same time every day so I know there were two-- as I mentioned she is also the only hen in the flock that lays eggs that size and colour. The other chickens have been laying normally. I just switched the hens from grower feed to layer pellets. She seems to be acting normal, and I checked her vent, droppings, and gave her a close inspection-- nothing appears to be wrong otherwise.

Since she's technically a meat/game bird, should I be feeding her something else? My other hens are easter eggers and barred rocks. I keep this one because she is a great flock protector. I'm not sure she's 100% aseel but that's what she was labeled as when I got her. The guy at the feedstore layer for her was fine, but I don't really know that he's a reliable source of information. I've never kept games or meat birds, so I am not sure what to feed.

Is there anything I should be worried about?
Check her over for lice/mites to make sure you have no problems there. Also check her vent area to see if there has been any vent picking.
If she is a new layer, this can happen when tiny blood vessels rupture when she's straining to lay her egg.
If you haven't done so, offer oyster shell free choice.

I just treated all my chickens for lice, and I haven't seen any on them or evidence of mites in the coop since then. She has actually been the most resilient to lice since she doesn't have a very fluffy bum. She appears to be her normal self otherwise. Today's egg though... there were big chunks of bloody matter :(
Just checked her again-- no bleeding vent, no bugs that I can see. She was pecking around happily earlier today.
Gave her a warm soak on her bum for a few minutes, blowdryed, then lubed her up with some petroleum jelly. I sure hope it helps. Might be worth noting that she just broke her first brood. :( I'm keeping her isolated for now. Should I fast her and try to discourage laying?

No more blood! The vaseline and the soak seemed to help a bit. She is back to her normal self :)

Thanks for advice, BYC!

No more blood! The vaseline and the soak seemed to help a bit. She is back to her normal self :)

Thanks for advice, BYC!

Glad to hear she's doing well!

With your TLC is sounds like she's on the mend

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