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I hatch out my own flock, and I have a few problems. I have a brooder where I keep newly hatched chicks up to chicks who are a month old. They were dying from worms (which showed up as bloody stool in thier cage) but I THINK I have that under control. I have two with crooked beak, one is worse than the other - What causes this and is there any treatment? And third and most importantly, I have a chick that is about a month old that looks like it has a blister on the top lid of one eye and another on the bottom lid of the other. I also have a chick outside that has a SEVERE eye infection - it looks like it was injured and is infected. I am giving it antibiotics, but I would like to know if there are drops or salve I can apply? So I guess my questions are 1. - crooked beak causes and treatment. 2 - eye blisters. and 3 - eye infection. Any help on any topic would be greatly appreciated!!

there are a couple of different ways to get a crooked beak but first are we talking scissor beak or damaged beak or something else. if it is from damage or even illness the beak will grow back over time if it is trimmed to where the problem is not self reinforcing. if it is genetic or if there is damage to the bone the beak is connected to it is likely to be permanent. the problem with worms followed by infection indicates they are getting into something they should not. im afraid im new enough to chickens that i cant say any more than that... im a parrot person

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