Lots of questions about various breeds (Brahma, Sussex, Favorelle)


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
So, first, for a little background, I am not new to chickens, I grew up with lots of them and so I have experience with quite a lot of breeds, however I am now in a new situation. My husband and I bought our first house not too long ago, and though we are in the city we can have chickens, thought there are restrictions. I will be having somewhere between 5 and 8 chickens total.

Anyway, my only two real considerations in choosing chickens is firstly temperament and personality, and secondly egg laying ability (in that order). Having had a lot of chickens in the past there are a lot of breeds that if I lived in the country and could have a bigger flock I would have (and many other news ones I'd like to try), but since I'm in the city I really have to pare that list down. These chickens will be pets, but I want eggs as a by-product!

Which leads me to this: at the very top of my list of standard chickens are Speckled Sussex, Brahmas, and Salmon Favorelles. I am only getting 1-3 standard chickens though, and then probably 4-5 banties, so in addition to the first two criteria the standards have to be generally gentle with other chickens, so that the banties don't get picked on. I know the Favorelles pass this with flying colors, plus they are great layers, even in winter, and thought they are goofy, and kind of skittish sometimes, they are still gentle, quiet, and sweet. Anything to add to this? I have only had one Favorelle.

I absolutely love Sussex, but my only two concerns is noise and if she would pick on the banties. I've only had one Sussex in the past, who was amazing, but if I remember correctly she was a little squawky sometimes. She was constantly picked on by other chickens, so if all Sussex are like that than I'm sure one would be fine with banties. What are your experiences regarding noise and aggressiveness with other chickens?

I also love my Brahmas, and may get one, but are they typically aggressive to smaller chickens? We had ours in a large flock, so it was hard to tell, I just know they didn't get picked ON, but weren't the main aggressors. Also, is there any difference in temperament or egg laying ability between the color varieties? I have only had dark and light, and both the dark Brahmas I had were noticeably more aloof than my lovely light Brahma. Was this just chance or are light Brahmas the nicest? What about buff? I have never had any of them, but they are my favorite, looks-wise.

Sorry this long, I just really want to get this right since I can only have a few chickens.

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