Lots of questions about various breeds (D'Uccle, D'Anver)


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
So, first, for a little background, I am not new to chickens, I grew up with lots of them and so I have experience with quite a lot of breeds, however I am now in a new situation. My husband and I bought our first house not too long ago, and though we are in the city we can have chickens, thought there are restrictions. I will be having somewhere between 5 and 8 chickens total, 1-3 of those standards, the rest banties.

Anyway, my only two real considerations in choosing chickens is firstly temperament and personality, and secondly egg laying ability (in that order). Having had a lot of chickens in the past there are a lot of breeds that if I lived in the country and could have a bigger flock I would have (and many other news ones I'd like to try), but since I'm in the city I really have to pare that list down. These chickens will be pets, but I want eggs as a by-product!

I already know I mainly want D'Uccles. They are my favorite breed ever, and beautiful to boot! IME they laid well for bantams (almost every day, even in winter), laid large eggs for their size (still small though), didn't ever go broody (good for egg laying - I love silkies, but won't be getting them because they are constantly broody, which is great if you have space for more chickens, but not otherwise). Plus are the sweetest, most personable chickens I've ever met. (My favorite D'uccle from McMurray was nicer than most cats and some dogs, and kept laying an egg almost every day till she was six or seven!) But I still have a few questions.

Firstly, the D'uccles I had were from McMurray, but this time I will probably be ordering from Ideal. I have read many different opinions on D'uccles egg laying ability, and to a lesser degree their personality. Is my experience with D'uccles (good little egg layers, wonderful personality) likely to change if I go with a different hatchery? I'm worried the birds I end up with own't be like the ones I have had previously in one or both those areas.

And since I'm probably ordering from Ideal, and they have many color varieties, that leads me to my next question. I have only had Mille Fleur D'uccles. Does the egg laying or personality change between color varieties? On one thread on here (I believe the super long D'uccle thread) a couple people mentioned that some of the fancier varieties don't lay as well, and weren't as hardy. If all the colors are the same I would probably get a few, but if not I am fine with just getting Mille Fleurs. Are there any colors to avoid because of bad personality, decreased egg laying ability, or generally a lack of hardiness? Which colors are the most comparable to the Mille Fleur in these areas?

And finally how do D'anvers compare to D'uccles in egg laying and personality? I have never had any, but I'd really like to try some. Most things I've read seems to indicate they might not be quite as good at laying, but have similar personalities. Experiences?

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