Lots of shellless eggs

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  1. Hi, a few months ago, one of my hens (RIR, 2 years old) started laying lots of shellless eggs - practically every time she layed. There hasn't been extreme weather, and my hens have access to lots of water and calcium, so could this just be genetics? Has anyone else had similar situations? Thanks!
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    Wonder if your girl has a defective shell gland, breeds bred for high production, like most RIR, seem to be prone to reproductive problems as they age. Those eggs are not necessarily related to a lack of calcium as such, it can be related to the bird's ability to use calcium / a defective shell gland. There is a list of other causes on The Poultry Site ... http://www.thepoultrysite.com/publi...ndbook/16/thinshelled-eggs-and-shellless-eggs if the rest of your hens are doing fine it is probably not nutrition or disease, but something with that individual birds. Shell less eggs also seem to make the birds more prone to developing peritonitis/internal laying so you'll want to keep an eye on her if you keep her as a pet.
  3. I see, I guess that could be it. Also, her underbelly has been almost completely featherless for the 6 months or so - just speculating, but if her underbelly got irritated, could this somehow affect her eggs?

    Thanks for replying!

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