Loud chirping and possible bored chick?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chicksdontmeow, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Mar 22, 2016
    So today I got five little barred rock ladies from Big R and brought them home. They settled into their brooder quite nicely after I spent some time fiddling around with the heat to make sure it wasn't too hot after I saw a couple of the chicks panting. They have plenty of food and water and I watched them for a few hours until they had eaten their fill and started falling asleep on top of each other. There's one chick though who spends a lot of her time cheeping away as her siblings sleep around her and I'm curious if something's wrong or I just have a very vocal little chick. She quiets down when I go out there and she loves chasing after my fingers when I tap them on the plastic container (it's a clear container, so they can see through it). When I leave though, it's not long until I hear her cheeping again. And it's definitely loud since I can hear it even when I'm inside the house and she's in the brooder in the garage.

    Does anyone have any tips on some things I can make/buy to keep her busy or if maybe something's wrong that I just don't know about? I don't think they're cold, while they do fall asleep on top of each other, they're kind of split off into groups and not all huddled together in one spot. They also have access to food and water so it's not hunger or thirst. And I've been keeping an eye out for any signs of pasty butt but everyone has clean little chicken butts.

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    I don't think anything is wrong and I wouldn't worry much about it. I'm no expert but I had all different kinds of personalities in my first flock that I started this year. Some like you describe. If no other signs there's anything wrong I'd just keep an eye on her like you're doing but I'm guessing she'll settle in with the rest of them in time.
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    She's likely calling to "mama"...which is now you. It will decrease in frequency over time.

    Blooie recommends marbles for "chick soccer" which sounds hilarious.
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    If something was wrong with this chick, she would not stop chirping when you approach her.

    Sometimes, you will see a precocious chick who is just a little smarter than the rest. She will quickly figure out how to communicate to you what she wants. How's that working for her so far? Hah!

    Pretty soon, expect this one to bond with you and she will be hopping out of the brooder onto your shoulder or your head whenever she sees the opportunity.

    If this isn't something you desire, you need to be aware of responding to her every wish.

    I had one like this. She lived to be five years old, and was an amazing hen. I still miss her.
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    Jan 29, 2016
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    I recently hatched a few sets of eggs and the first little group I was brooding inside until my two barred rocks learnt how to shout for attention. It was that sharp loud peep and they would stop as soon as I was there. It didn't last long as I moved them outside the next morning. I wish I had moved them outside sooner! In my little experience it seems chicks won't thrive until they are outside in the cold. Obviously with a heat source they can move to. I saw on another thread you where having trouble getting the temperature right, I have found that getting a good temperature gradient is much more important than any set temperature. The container they are in looks plenty big enough for the chicks but maybe the heat source is too large for such a small box. I find baby chicks to be quite stressful but lots of fun, you'll be rushing home from work to check on them wondering what could have possibly gone wrong in your absence. (Probably nothing).
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    Mar 22, 2016
    I think I've definitely found the good range. Springtime in Northern Illinois is definitely a headache when it comes to weather! I lower it a little during the day since it's decently warm during the day, but it goes up at night since the temperature has been dropping pretty badly during the night (this weekend we're supposed to have AM snow showers! at the beginning of april!!). I have a lamp dimmer that I use so that it's easy to adjust the temperature without having to do so many other adjustments. This setup has been going good so far, knock on wood! [​IMG]

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