loud screaming pullets

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    Mar 18, 2008
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    The boys have started mounting the girls and of course they are really rough and pull the feathers of the girls.The pullets are screaming there heads off,then the roos start fighting or esle trying to get in the act too. This seems to go on for a good part of the day.Do the boys get better at the mounting and do the girls eventually accept their duty or do they continue to scream?It seems as though there are alot of nervous pullets at any moment some cockrel is trying to jump them.I am going to get rid of 8 cockrels soon.RIght noww I have 10 cockrels and 22 pullets.I also have 1 standard pullet and she seems to be totally freaked by the boys trying to mount her I think she has post traumatic stress disorder now.. and to begin with she was a little developementally delayed.She had spradle leg and was the only one that made it out of my first incubating batch.
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    Can you separate the boys from the girls? It will help calm down your pullets if they don't have to keep running from the cockerels.

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