Love my ducks


7 Years
Jul 25, 2012
New Mexico
well things have been realy busy for me around the farm this year. been blessed by so much rain . A
ND SO MANY GOOD AND PLEASANT TIMES WITH MY DUCKS OF all my duck breeds my favorite farm ducks so far have been the saxonly
breed from germany . perhaps because of their friendly personalities . i just love ducks but these have stole this old guys heart even more so than my cayugas or dutch hook bills
Another breed i think i like very much next to my germany saxony is my kaki cambell
though they are not nearly as large i think mrs cambell was right when she insisted they
not only make a great egg laying duck but at marvelous meat duck as well ..

perhaps not the females but definitly the drakes..

OH JUST WANTED ALSO TO SAY MY foot operated duck plucker is a great sucess .

turned out a bit larger of a machine than i thought it would be .. and even the rotating blocks that hold the fingers are all simple to make and maede out of two by four lumber.

im rather proud of it and have tried to put pictures on this site recently with our success ..
seems i am better at old sorts of things thanm the new stuff and how to.. /..
Jesus blessings
signed blue jeans.
Good to read the report, bluejeans!

I admire people who can make things happen. So far my biggest accomplishment is building the Veranda and Day Pen all my own little self, with my own design. It has held up well, including against the recent visit by two 80-pound Rottweiler puppies.
sounds like your work turned out great also -- its often fun to make things rather than buy things and lots cheaper to
I think I did well with the duck house and pen - certainly less expensive than if I had bought it prefab, and it was my design (based on good information from Holderread and BYC).

My main creative outlet is the gardens, which are quite the temperate zone jungle right now. But growing fruits and veggies can be less expensive, too, than buying the same quality produce in a store. Some people call it the "15-foot diet."

Still alot to learn.

So, what are the Hookbills like? If I had known about them, I may have tried to get ahold of some. I love my runners, by the way. And we adopted a pair and then a trio of buffs (lost Shelly to egg yolk peritonitis). They are lovely ducks. Quite the traditional body shape, unlike the runners. I am still - after almost a year - working on integrating the trio into the runner-buff flock. Wow, when personalities clash, I mean, buddy, they clash!

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