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May 24, 2022
Hi! I'm Heather! I live on a small farm in East Tennessee. I have been researching chickens for a few years before recently starting my flock. Maybe I have two flocks going it seems... I know y'all won't judge me. Lol! I started with a mixed flock of 8. We lost one Wyandotte within the first 2 nights, the rest smooshed her. I actually thought those 2 were the Starlight Green eggers. Now they're feathering out and getting combs and wattles and it's easier to tell which is which. I have a Golden laced Wyandotte, 3 Easter Eggers, a Starlight Green Egger, a black Polish roo and a White Crested Polish that I believe to be bantam. Was in a mixed Polish brooder.

Thennnnn, a few weeks ago, I decided to get a few more bantams so my Angel baby wouldn't get picked on hopefully. I also got another standard Polish, lol. The two bantams are Cochin and one is a little frizzle! They're all so beautiful and thriving! I don't know why I had to wait so long... Well, it's my husband's fault but that's neither here nor there. Lol. I finally just came home with them one day and said we have babies! 🤣 I'll post a few pics of the first babies and the new guys!


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