Lucky Dog (One almost bit the dust)

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  1. I have been sick with the flu and my dad has been caring for my chickens. He came over and told me a dog was running around my run barking at the chickens. It was also going up to my neighbor's porch (elderly lady) and jumping up on the screen door trying to get through. She was very frightened and screaming for help.

    It was her that saved the dog though as my dad was going back to his home to get the rifle. I whistled and the dog laid his ears down and ran to me and wanted to be petted. He was looking for attention. I called animal control and had it picked up. About an hour later a white car came down the street with a young couple looking for their dog.

    I told them it was with animal control and was nearly shot for harassing chickens and the elderly neighbor. They told me it was not vicious and I told them. Yes but, we don't know that and it was by accident that I discovered it was friendly. I told them that I usually shoot dogs now that harass the chickens because of multiple problems. They understood and thanked me for being patient with their dog and they were going to get him.

    I also told them they might want to buy the elderly lady next door a new screen for her door as the dog had torn a hole through it and nearly scared her to death. They took her information.
  2. at least they were nice about of our friends neighbors dog killed our friends chickens and they told the neighbor to replace the birds they told them they should keep the d*** things penned up..
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    A neighborrhood dog that is always running my neighborhood, and I live out in the country, dug under my fence and killed one of my hens. I have let all of my neighbos know that if I see that dog around my chickens again it won't be going home. No one has told me who owns the dog but everyone seems to have seen it around. I have caught it in my trash many times.

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