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    Jun 27, 2011
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    LuckyPickens, I hope I didn't scare you by seein your name in the title. Lol. This is a review I wanted to make sure everyone saw.

    LuckyPickens is by far the best source of bantam Cochins I've dealt with and I have an amazing reason for saying this. I recently ordered 30 bantam Cochin eggs from her and received several extras. Every single egg arrived in pristine condition. Not a single solid crack, dent or chip. The price was perfect too.

    As of this morning I have 26 bantam Cochin chicks! 1 more zipped and 4 pipped! And the colors [​IMG] I must have at least 8 different colors! They're all perfectly healthy too. No bum legs or any that are just failing to thrive. They're all so tiny and fluffy and omg, the feathers on their legs are fantastic!

    Now I've got to tell you, these eggs went through hell after they got to me. The temperature dropped to almost 85 degrees for about 30 minutes at one point. Then I came home from work one day and opened my front door to a heat wave. My boyfriend had left two heaters on and the airconditioner was completely off. I ran to the incubator and the thermometer read at least 106* I was devastated. I left them in the incubator just in case and boy am I surprised!

    I will absolutely, 100% sure that I will be buying from LuckyPickens again and again! I've never been so satisfied with shipped eggs!

    Thank you LuckyPickens!!
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  2. luckypickens

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    Aug 20, 2010
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    Quote:Oh girl you made my day!!! THANK YOU so much!!! I had one woman who kept saying she couldn't get mine to hatch and I have been nice and sent her some for free. The last ones she said went way into FL before going to her in AL, I don't know why but they took the scenic route for sure and I made sure I sent her eggs that were 2 days old when shipped to even help her get a better hatch or so I though! Well she sent me a letter last week and again she said over half were clear and some had blood rings and the eggs she set from hers were doing fine. I told her it had to be the long trip, but I have done everything I knew and went way out of my way to help all I could. Hubby thinks she is just trying to keep getting free eggs, but she pays the shipping. Mine at home are hatching great and like you even with all yours have gone through my goodness that is just SPECTACULAR!! On the auction that went over a 100$ a few weeks ago the couple failed to tell me the eggs should go to NC home not the FL home as was on Paypal. I sent them 2 doz eggs even though it was for 12+ I was thrilled they went that much and of course wanted to see them get their money worth! Well when they told me of the address mixed up which was really their fault, I still felt bad and sent another 2 doz to their NC home and had the FL eggs routed back to me. I knew they were fresh when I shipped but they were in the box travlin for 8 days when they got back to me 4 were broke and of course air cells were broke even with being double boxed. I candled them again last night and thru all that I still have 9 growing nicely so I was still tickled to see 9 making it and do hope at least a few hatch out. I'll defiantly have to keep them if they do and call them my travlin birds and should some hardy birds for sure LOL! Can't thank you enough for such a wonderful plug. I just LOVE sharing my birds with others and am not out to get rich just want to keep my birds healthy and happy to share with others, especially for other old ladies who need some therapy like me LOL! Anyway I do hope to see photos soon of all the little ones. I have a few hatching out this weekend also and always each time Gary and I just are thrilled to see each and every new one! God Bless you and I am just thrilled for you with your new lucky babies!!!
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    I'll *absolutely* second this review. I ordered a dozen+ eggs from luckypickens and had a LOT of incubator issues, but 3 hatched on Oct 2nd and are doing great!

    LP - I wanted to share the following update with you, but I'll just share it with everyone else too!

    Of the 3 that hatched, my little silver-laced cockerel, Roquefort ("Rocky"), is the clown of the bunch, and decided to start crowing when he was just a little past a month old! He's very respectful about it though - they're in my bedroom and he waits until I'm awake before he starts, crows about 4-5 times and then he's done.

    Here's a video of him doin' his thing at about 7:30am a few mornings ago (a bit over a month and a half old by now). Appearing in supporting roles are his siblings: white frizzle (? see the side note) Gabriel ("the shy, nervous one") and little black/lavender split Lucifer ("the nice guy" - super sweet little chicken!).

    (Side note: Gabriel was "supposed" to be from your Lemon Blue/Splash pair according to the egg marking, but he seems to have come out as a white frizzle! He started out as "Sunshine", but when his wings started coming in we had to change his name. ;D)

    And here's another of Rocky being his typical goofball self, taken a few weeks ago, this one shows their foster mom, my partridge silkie, Tribble.

    You can also see picks of all three of them on my flock page on facebook (the "Chicks 2011!" photo album) on facebook

    Thank you so much - I will *definitely* be ordering more eggs from you in the future! Especially when I have a better incubator... [​IMG]
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    May 3, 2011
    I also agree with KDailey. We, my students and I, ordered eggs by mail for the first time. LuckyPickens was great to work with. We got lots of extras. She even called us in CA. We had incubator problems so our hatch rate was not great but my students love the chicks. I am incubating some other eggs but already am thinking about where I can put some more cochins. Maybe after the holidays.

  5. josiemare

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    Aug 22, 2010
    I am eggerly awaiting my eggs from Lucky Pickens! I am so eggcited I can't stand it. I am hoping to find fresh eggs locally to test my new incubator....HMMMM!!!!!

    So far, she has been very helpful in offering her eggs that I have decided to do a two dozen assortment. Our eggs shall arrive in time for a NYD hatch. I can't wait. These little fluffy butts are going to be amazing! I wish the time could pass more quickly....soon enough, I know.

    I will report back with my results!

    Thank you for sharing how wonderful she is and how amazing her birds are....I can't wait!

  6. HiddenBrookAcres

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    Nov 10, 2011
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    I am looking for bantam cochins. Is there anyway I could order eggs to hatch out this Spring? [​IMG]
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    Mar 18, 2011
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    I agree with all the above I love my chicks i have gotten from Roz, I have bought from her 4 times and have never been disappointed! I will buy from her again!![​IMG]:thumbsup:woot:jumpy:weee


  8. Scifisarah

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    My Coop
    These were the best packed eggs I have bought so far. I got another order from someone else that packed them in wood shavings and several were broken. Package was labeled great and I got a kick out of our new mail lady walking gingerly up our front yard with them making sure she didn't tip it to one side! Will update on how many my hens hatch out - gave each of them 6 eggs.

  9. KLRA

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Lane County, OR
    I too would like to add that I had a great experience with Roslyn. Out of a dozen, I had 7 eggs develop (they spent a little extra time with the postal service... grr) and all 7 hatched:
    3 silver laced, 1 mottled, 3 from the blue calico pen that are an undetermined color as of yet. The two yellow chicks in back look like they could be calico, and the guy in front to the left is mostly black with some white. 1 cockerel and 6 pullets... Woo! I can already tell they'll have great type. I have more eggs on the way next week :D I'd love to see pics of anyone else's babies!

    P.S. Nice broody setup, Sarah! Do you remember which pens you got eggs from?

  10. philogirl

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    May 3, 2011
    I like your broody nest boxes.

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