Lump on my chickens head


Jul 21, 2016

I am new to keeping chickens and have had my 5 girls for about 3 months now. One of my flock has got a horrible looking lump on her head. I had noticed her feathers looking a bit funny but my partner said it was nothing but tonight I could really see something. Can anybody help me with this and is it something antibiotics will help her with? Hopefully I have attached a picture of my chickens head.

Many thanks,

Welcome to BYC. It is possible that she could have a tumor, although I would check into it being ingrown feathers. How does it feel--hard or soft? With an ingrown feather, you can disinfect the skin, and use tweezers or a sterilized needle to probe the skin to look for a feather inside one of the bumps.
Thank you for your help Eggcessive. I haven't felt it but I will catch her again today and have a feel. I hope it is ingrown feathers! Somebody suggested to me that it could be eggs from an insect or even tics?! Could that be the case?

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