Lump on top of day old silkie Peking head


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Dec 24, 2021
Today I did a chick check on my first time pekin mum, checked one of the babies heads to fjnd a soft kinda squishy lump on its head. The chick isn’t even a day old and I’m a little concerned as I’ve lost chickens to suspicious lumps in the past. It’s still a tad young to do a behaviour check, it took her about 12 hours from piping to hatching which is a little longer then usual, hasn’t started eating or drinking yet. And that’s all the information I know as of now


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That looks to me like the lumps on the heads of crested chickens (like Silkies and Polish.)

In those crested breeds, the skull often has a hole in the top, and the brain sticks up out of it.

I'm guessing from the title that the chick is half silkie-- so maybe it inherited that trait from the silkie parent.

(Not every crested chicken has the hole in the skull and the lump of brain sticking up, but it is pretty common in certain breeds, including Silkies.)

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