LUV new BYC but having a small glitch


8 Years
Sep 28, 2011
I looked through the threads & didn't see this.... If it has been covered already sorry!

I cannot upload any pictures and put in my posts. Via my computer or url or from my uploads.

when I try to upload for a forum post I get this

" A temporary error occurred. Please retry your request. "

I also tried to upload from my profile & that highlighting & copy image also doesn't work.

Any help
For uploading photos you can't use the IMG code anymore. You have to use the url code in the photo button. To use your uploads pick the picture you want to use. Click and select open picture in new tab. Copy the url code at the top of the new tab. Copy that code into the image url on the new photo button.
Nifty I did what you suggested, It now just says loading content and doesn't do anything else.

I will keep tinkering... I may just
open a photobucket
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