Lux Table Top Plucker - Anyone have experience with this plucker?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Hello fellow BYCers,
I ran accross this Lux Table Top Plucker on the internet... here
I'm wondering if anyone might have experience with using this plucker?
I couldn't find reviews on it... and I'm wondering how well it works... for example... is it messy (I'm trying to figure out if feathers fly all over the place or if they are collected somewhere within the machine)...
I've never culled a chicken before, but will soon have too. I'm gonna watch to see what everyone says about it too. But for now, I plan to use a waxing method that I found on here. It's in the learning center, and has pic's.
Good Luck!
I've been looking at those because they are cheaper than the tub pluckers. There are some on ebay. I'm going to check youtube and see if I can find a video of one in use. There's bound to be one.

Looks like most of the feathers shoot out the bottom. You could put a trashcan under there to collect them.
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I looked on YouTube and could only find an assembly video... showed how to put it together and turned it on... it was okay, but didn't actually show it in use. If you find a good one that actually shows it being used to pluck a chicken... please please share!
Well, that video was much better than the one I found!!! Thank you for sharing it
I've used a plucker similar to that one and the most of the feathers just fly out the back side or underneath. It is imperative that you get a good scald with this type plucker. Too hot and the skin rips, not hot enough, it leaves all the pin feathers. Just a suggestion, but for that kind of money, you can come close to building a Whizbang. Then you can do 3 birds in less time than you can do one with a table top.
We only do 50 or so chickens a year. I'd love to have a tub plucker but the price is hard to justify for 2 days of use a year. I was looking at these because they are cheaper.
I looked into the whiz bang pluckers... but, I'm just not that kindof handy! I need one that is ready to go.
I have access to a really nice commercial plucker... but it's a haul to get there. So, I was thinking for this price, if it works well, it might be worth it to have here at our place. Hmmm...

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