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Jul 24, 2008
Well, I had a Ameraucana Breeder ship me a dozen eggs. I got them today 03-03-2010. I paid $37.50 for one dozen eggs. The eggs were individually wrapped on one layer of tiny bubble wrap and laid on top of each other in a 6x6x6 inch box. One was broken from the poor wrap/ship job she did. Second, all the eggs were wrote on with a magic marker and the date on one of the eggs was 02-17. Third, 5 of the dozen eggs was tan colored not the nice blue. She also didn't send me her NPIP or sales receipt for my documents.



It is 8:17pm as I am typing this out. It took me this long to be calm enough to write this post. So, questions are:

Should I even try to hatch the tan eggs because they are not the right color and I don't want Easter eggers?

Should I complain to her?

I will not buy from her again! Your thoughts please.

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Well if they're truly from february 17 I'd be pretty upset. Have you emailed her at all and asked about the date and the egg color? I'd see what she has to say, but I don't blame you for being upset.....even not considering the packing job.
Complain by every avenue you can.
THey are either ignorant, or just out to make a quick buck.
1. I'd be mad paying for eggs that old. She apparently thinks it isn't a problem if she shipped them when they were obviously over a week old.
2. Sounds like a lousy packing job.
3. The others look green, but obviously should be blue from a true Ameraucana. Were they advertised as such?
4. It's not commonplace to include documentation unless specifically requested. I haven't ever included a receipt or had one requested (since the Paypal invoice can be printed out at their end.
5. If you don't want EEs then the green eggs aren't much use to you. I wouldn't incubate them as you'll have no way of distinguishing the chicks from those hatched out of the blue eggs, although it sounds like she has a flock of mutts. The rooster could be from a green egg, in which case any of them could lay green eggs.
Wow, I'd be quite upset myself!!!
If you ordered a certain type, then you should have gotten them!! I mean, you paid for them. Whats with the 2/17!! Now, did she figure you wouldn't see that?
In my opinion, I'd call her about this. See how she reacts, then take it from there. She should refund your money. And with the eggs that are left, try hatching them, you could always sell them or give them away. Best of luck to you.
She is not a BYCer.

I asked for documentation because I am NPIPed myself so I could document my flock.

I don't feel I can call her tonight without being a bit nasty so will probably wait till tomorrow to contact her.

If you asked for the documentation and didn't get it, chances are you were misled.
First of all, ask for pics of the parents. You can tell right away if they are really Ameraucanas or EE's. Secondly, SEVERAL people still think that EE's are Ameraucana's so go easy on the seller til you know for sure. But definitely say something about the packing job. I pack WAY better than that, even when I am sending free mutt eggs!!!!

ETA: Selling eggs that old is just wrong - bad business. I am on the fence about this one wondering it the seller is simply inexperienced. If not, OOOOO BOY I WOULD BE MAD!!!!
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