madder than a wet hen!

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    I understand the phrase now! I spent the day cleaning up my backyard, pulling weeds, hauling off limbs and brush etc..It was extremely hot and humid today so I stopped around 2pm. After I put all the tools away I let the girls out of their coop so they could feast on all the bugs I stirred up weeding! It didn't take them long to find them...hehehe....Around 5pm I went outside to give the veggie garden a good watering and sure enough the girls were "hanging out" there. They LOVE my raised herb bed! As I started to water they would comeup and try to drink out of the hose or out of the puddle that was forming beside the raised beds. Well, next thing I know the hose sprung a HUGE leak and started soaking everything in site and that would include me and at least 6 of the girls! They raised a ruckus! I'm laughing hysterically at them while trying to aim the leak on the rest of the garden that needed watering. A couple of the reds tried attacking the hose which just got them more wet! When I finally got the hose turned off, I turned around in time to see them marching off to the coop...just a fussing! LOL....[​IMG]
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    Attacking the hose... that's hilarious!
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    [​IMG] What a sight that would be!!!! [​IMG]

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