Made a mistake last night

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11 Years
May 19, 2010
My chickens usually head back to the coop and put themselves to bed about ten minutes after sunset. Then, I just go out there, take headcount, and secure the door. Done.

Last night when I went out there, I found the door had blown closed, and four of the hens were missing. Went in and got the flashlight, and managed to find all four of them roosting in the trees. They were none too happy about being spooked out of the trees and herded back into the, I just wanted to pass on what I learned last night, secure the door open when it's open !!


Oh yes, had that happen, gate blow closed, then the girls are upset because they can not go in to lay an egg, or if its late, have to find another place to sleep.
I have a little hook on the inside coop wall that I use to fasten the door open...just in case.
My door is a different style, called "use what you have": The door used to be part of a trellis, & I secure it with a piece of wood that I had from an old piece of furniture.

I think it looks sort of Japanese
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