Made a mistake

Valley Farmer

10 Years
Oct 26, 2013
So I started 20 eggs in a borrowed incubator 11 days ago and accidentally put them in the turner big side down. What should I do now?
well, I think if it were ME, I would rotate them to the proper position with the large end up. especially since the air cell is in the large end. I was wondering if it could have moved, but it didn't. I think I would want them right side up.

I don't know if this could affect the embryo's positioning, rotating it part way through...

its up to you!
Guess I should have read up on it first. The friend who owns the incubator told me all the steps, but forgot to mention that the eggs should be fat side up. Appreciate your advice and I probably will end up turning them. However, I'm going to hold off for at least a couple hours, hoping someone has had or heard of this happening before, and knows the likely outcome of each scenario.
Flipped all of mine, so I'll let you know how they turn out. Just in case though, I'll be saving eggs again starting tomorrow.
I'm all out of roosters so I need something to come out of this hatch.
They've been in for a week

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