Made it thru the night (horrid start to the new year!!!!)


8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Snohomish, WA
What a horrid start to the new year.
(hatching eggs are in this story somewhere I promise)

Yesterday my mom returned our 3 kids to us, but forgot our 4 yo's special blankies (he has 2). At some point I let the girls and Mr. Marylou out to free range and decided to add Batman our bantam frizzle out to mix for awhile, heard a death cry and found him "frozen" beneath Marylou the other roo. And ALL BLOODY. So, I brought him in and gave him a warm bath and coddled him for awhile, felt him shivering so returned him to the teenagers dorm with the heat lamp on to dry. Abotu an hour later as the sun was setting the freaking power went out.
No heat lamp for Batman. No heat lamp in the brooder wherer 2 day old muscovy cuties were trying to adjust to life outside the egg. No power to the bator, what I had just set 8 black copper maran eggs in about 24 hours earlier.
No power to the toaster oven which was cooking tater tots for 2 of the boys. I had just shown my mom how to look for a bullseye so our oldest had just eaten scrambled eggss, thankfully. Got the 2 little ones tater tots, which were thankfully done, before they got cold. Got the kids set up for a DVD on my laptop and thankfully the battery held till the end. Got kids to bed at 6pm, pitch black out. (Did I mention I had worked the whole night before so was exhausted?) They all cried because they were "starving" so I took them snack sacks of goldfish crackers then grabbed a flashlight to check on wet Batman & the new ducklings. Batman was almost dry and the teens were all cuddled with him, and the ducklings and baby chicks were huddled with some slightly older chicks (one I think is a roo and had his wing over several of them). I went to bed, so did DH, to stay warm, when our youngest told us our middle was puking. So, flashlight in hand we helped our 6yo barf (A LOT) into the toilet. Tried to go back to bed, but 4yo was panicking without his special blankies.
Finally decided I better fill a plastic water bottle with hot tap water, put it in a sock, and take it out to the brooder...put the barfing incident in the toilet (so stinky) used the last of the water (well with an electric pump).

Power was out for 6 hours. All hatched/peeping/clucking/crowing birds made it thru the night. Now I'm hoping the eggs make it.
Good God! Hope the egs hold out and all the lil ones r well soon! Heck of a way to start 2012! Sounded like u covered all your bases though!
OUr littleest woke up feeling like vomiting, no more puking by middle child, but both look pale. Lots of sick germs going around in our neck of the woods...

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