Maggie, my crowing hen


Mar 5, 2018
Hello! I am a new member and don't know how this works, but want to learn! I have only one buff Orpington left out of the four our city allows. The other three died suddenly within two months of each other, but the one left ( a hen, "Maggie") seems happy and well six months after losing the others. We cannot have roosters, according to the city ordinance. Maggie is now almost two years old, and lays an egg every other day and is quite friendly. About a month ago I woke up to a weird noise that sounded like a rooster....and went out to see if we might have a visiting rooster from some other yard.. Guess what?
It was Maggie! She has crowed every morning since! I went on line and found an article that said it is rare, but does happen! Anyone else have a crowing hen??
:frow Hello and :welcome, so glad you have joined us. To get a proper welcoming, I would suggest you post an intro in the New Members Forum :)

I have actually had 2 crowing hens. My Avatar was my #1 of a flock of 6 - she crowed for months and then passed likely an ovarian disease. But my current BR hen now 5 years old and still laying, did also crow every morning this past fall when she went thru a molt.

Hope your crowing hen does well.
Welcome to BYC! I've had two crowing hens, one of which was a dedicated broody.
Welcome to BYC!

Yep, have had a crowing hen, in a flock with a cockbird.
They crowed duets and shared some duties.
It was during the fall/winter molt and she stopped crowing when she stared laying again.

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