Maggots in feed


8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
Lake Placid, FL
Yesterday I bought a 50 lb bag of growth feed from TSC and today I opened it to dump into my feeder can and it was loaded with maggots. I have seen on this site that it is not uncommon, but I really do not like it. I am leaning towards tossing the whole thing in the parking lot of TSC.
I am not sure if they are maggots. They are small white colored worm things that look like small maggots. Whatever it is I am not really crazy about having live things in the chicken feed even though the hens may appreciate it.
I get little moths in the feed sometimes if they don't use it fast enough, the larvae look like little tiny maggots. I wouldn't give it to them, just take it back.
Sounds like weevils...not TSC fault--they got it from their supplier that way--just take it back to them and they will give you a new bag with no problems.
There is a moth that lays its eggs in flour and grain products, and what you are seeing are the larvae of that moth. It won't hurt the chickens to eat it, but if I'd paid a lot of money for that stuff, I think I would take it back to the store or at least let them know I got a bad bag.
I agree, take it back. And don't let the folk's at the store try to tell you that "It's fine, chickens like bugs". That is not the point. The point is that you paid good money for FEED, not bugs, bug larva, dust and bug poop, which is essentially what your getting with infested bags of feed.
Always take back buggy feed. Bugs deplete the nutrition in the feed, grinding it to powder in the process. You paid for fresh feed, you should get it. Even most bags tell you not to feed bug-infested feed.
Don't take it back,your birds will love them.Plus they are protein treats for your birds.What do you think they eat when they free range?
In N.H.,Tony.
The feed store should at least be informed of the bad bag, because where there are bugs in one, there will be bugs in others, and some animals cannot be given spoiled/bug-infested feed--so the feed store needs to check the problem out before bad feed is sold to horse/cow/sheep/goat owners.

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