magnetic door lock?

Eric T

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Apr 2, 2013
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Does anybody know if small magnets like are on cabinet doors would work to keep a pop door closed? Trying to decide what kind of door to put on that can be opened from outside the run. Thanks!!
Yes they can and do work.  I used magnets on some of my quail coops and they worked just fine.  

I prefer to use the .99 latches that are spring loaded that they sell at most box stores.  They tend to hold even tighter.  

Best of wishes to ya.  

Thanks chick. Those spring latches? Do you have to actually be at the door to open/close it? Or can it be remotely opened with like a string and pully? Do you happen to have a pic of what you're talking about?
Yes, I actually have to open the door by hand with these latches. I use two per door and it takes quite the tug to open it. I don't think a predator could get the doors open with these latches. If you were to put a small cord/string on the door handle it may be possible to open with a very hard pull but I'm not sure.

Sorry I don't have a picture. One singular piece which is screwed to the door by two screws and it has a protrusion that sticks out. It meets with the other piece that is screw to the frame (or whatever you are applying the door to) and it has two small rollers that the protrusion fits into and pulling the door shut.

I am not good at writing a description, but I'm hoping this worked


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