Magpie Breeding Quad, 1 drake 3 hens

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  1. (DONT hit the buy it now button PLEASE - just PM me or reply to the post!!! Thanks [​IMG] )

    I need to downsize on my ducks and I have decided to part with my magpies...

    1 drake, 3 hens all where hatched last March, so they are 10 months old.

    They started laying in Sept/Oct and are still laying even in this cold weather.

    These guys are decently friendly, are your best friends when you have food and will eat out of your hand. One likes to jump and wiggly wag her butt its too funny.

    Price is for the group (buy 3 hens get the drake free) but will sell for 15$ a piece, please feel free to PM me if you're seriously interested and we can hash it out and talk about it. [​IMG]
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