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Mailing Cookies across the world

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by Chiefs Mess, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Chiefs Mess

    Chiefs Mess In the Brooder

    Feb 1, 2007
    Hi Everyone,
    From posts I had read some of you have/had a love one deployed. My son is now in Afghan. and I am filling up a box to send him. I was thinking of baking his favorite cookie (choc. chip cks) but not sure if they will ship well. Anyone out there know if they will hold out from the mailing? Any other suggestions?

  2. CrazyChickieMama

    CrazyChickieMama Songster

    Feb 23, 2008
    Bolton, NC
    I know that when my friend sends cookies to her husband, she always put a slice of bread in the container with the cookies. It helps them to not get too crunchy. Hope that helps!
  3. turney31

    turney31 Songster

    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    No help with the cookies, but I wanted to say, thank you, to you and your son for his service! [​IMG]
  4. maizey

    maizey Songster

    Yes, thank you, I honor you and your son for his service. I shipped chocolate chip cookies to Ireland from Alabama and they did get somewhat broken up but other than that, were fine. Might help keep them in one piece to wrap them in 2s or 3s with wax paper and then packing snugly in a hard plastic type storage box like you get at walmart if you are really serious about keeping them in one piece. All I did was drop them in a ziplock and pack that into a box.
  5. Imp

    Imp All things share the same breath- Chief Seattle

    In the first gulf war, when it was OK to send cookies to the troops. A bunch of us at work shipped several hundred dozen. We packed them in popcorn filled coffee cans. The slice of fresh bread is a good idea too.


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