MAJORLY deformed egg..what is attached to it???!!!

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7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
New Hampshire
Found this under the roost today...
This photo is after I cleaned it to see what it was! It is from one of 2 of my EE girls who has been laying occasional soft shelled eggs.( I can discern it is one of two by the egg color, just not sure which girl!) Often times she lays them right f
rom the roost. Found this under the roost this morning. It was broken when I found it and There was blood that appeared to be inside the egg..not a lot but a clot looking thing (the size of a pea) and blood streaking in the albumen. Oyster shells are readily available..she has been laying for approx 3 weeks. This just looks horrifying to me! They are all just as spirited and eating/drinking as usual, just the soft shelled from her. Also my FBCM laid 2 softies in the beginning but they have firmed up now. Any info you have is appreciated! TY!

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