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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by jaku, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. jaku

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    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to make a decent chick waterer? I transfered my BO's away from my Cornish X's today, and TSC was out of the quart bases. Ideally, I'd still like to use a quart jar, but I'll take any ideas I can get! (It's for six chicks.)

  2. backintime

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    Apr 7, 2008
    Northern Wisconsin
    Jaku, I made a pretty good chick waterer from a mason jar just by "nipping" at the rim with needle-nose pliers. Just kind of twisted a bit of glass out of the rim, a nick maybe 1/3 inch deep. I did this on both sides of the rim. Filled the jar, put a flat dish on top and flipped the whole thing over. It dribbles out into the dish without getting too deep. Try a dish that's not much wider than the rim of the jar, so the chicks don't use it as a wading pool and catch a chill. Also, a large tin can works in place of the jar, only you just punch holes in each side of the can about 1/2 inch from the rim and do the same thing with the dish. You could set the whole thing on a board or brick if you want to raise it up out of the shavings. Hope this helps!

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