Make your own Apple Cider Vinegar

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  2. I bought a gallon of apple cider from the produce section of wally world, poured out a bottle full of what I had bought from the health food store. Put the 3/4 cider and the health food bottlefull together in a glass jar. shook well and stored in back closet for about 3 months, best ACV ever had and probaby for less than $5.00 a gall.even if it did take a few months, it was worth it.I think the Brggs was $3.99, so I just reused the bottle. Plan on starting a new batch next time i go into town, buy a gallon of the cider, pour a bottlefull of my old acv into it and set the jar back in the closet. marrie
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    i make apple, red, white wine, berry vingers. you might be able to find vinger starter at the home brew store. once you have it going just keep adding more apple cider, wine. i ve had some going for years now just draw off what you need so much better then store bought. in ny we can't get unpasturized apple cider its not legal to sell but you can use pasturized as long as its just heat pasturized not chemicaly pasturized
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    Great tips! I am definitely going to do this...our waterer seems to get slimy very quickly. I also love to cook with unfiltered apple cider vinegar, so knowing how to make more and keep it going is great. I get mine at PCC in's Spectrum brand, which I am sure you can find in other areas of the food store and co-ops are probably a great place to start.
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    I have been holding on to an almost empty bottle of Braggs ACV that had a "mass" in the bottom of it. I thought I read that it was the "mother"?? Can anyone tell me if it is? I wanted to throw it out the other night but I really don't want to throw out the mother if that is what it is. Thanks for the help.
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    That is in fact "the mother" that everyone is speaking of!!!
    This is a great thread!
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    another way to make vinegar ( I do it this way) I made pear vinegar last fall with my peelings and cores. It is GREAT! :D

    Fruit Scrap Vinegar

    By Cindi Nesler in Canning

    How to make Fruit Scrap Vinegar

    by Kim on September 20, 2010

    This is one of those ‘no cost’ recipes made from things that other people normally throw away. When I made applesauce, I also started making this vinegar at the same time, with all of the fruit trimmings, cores, and cut out bruises. I fermented them in jars for awhile, strained out the fruit scraps, and let the vinegar ferment longer. The result? An amazingly fragrant and abundant fruit vinegar for almost no cost. Waste not, want not!

    Tips for making Fruit Vinegar

    Chopping up your fruit helps them ferment quicker, but make sure the pieces are big enough to strain out easily later (no puree).
    You could use whey to jump start this fermentation, but I don’t since I always have such a large quantity to do at one time. If you want to, use 2 Tablespoons per quart.
    If you choose to use honey instead of Rapadura, the ferment will take a bit longer but it will still work.

    Pineapple or Apple or other Fruit Scrap Vinegar

    Rating: 4 forks (key) They all eat it with realizing it


    Easy and inexpensive!

    Page in NT: 156


    Chef’s Knife
    1/2 gallon mason jars
    No stain, No Slip Cutting Board


    skin and core from 1 pineapple
    for pineapple vinegar only: 2 teaspoons dried oregano & 1/4 teaspoon red chile flakes

    –OR– for apple scrap vinegar

    apple or pear cores, trimmings and peels (bruised or overripe fruit ok, except throw out any pieces with mold on it)

    To make sugar water:

    1/4 cup Rapadura sugar (or honey)
    1 quart filtered warm water


    Prepare the sugar water for the amount of fruit scraps that you have with the ratio of 1 quart water to 1/4 sugar. Make sure all sugar is completely dissolved. Fill jars with coarsely chopped up fruit scraps about half full, then pour in the sugar water solution. For pineapple vinegar, add the additional spices and stir in. Cover with a towel or cheesecloth and let ferment at room temperature. Stir once/day if you can.

    You will notice the liquid darken after about a week. At that point, strain out the fruit scraps and discard or compost them. Ferment the vinegar for 2 to 3 weeks longer, stirring it periodically.
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    Oh what a great thread, I usually have a "shot" of Bragg's in the AM,it really gets my juicing flowing! However at the rate I go thru it the price tag is not so great, love that I can make my own. will definitely be trying this AND sharing with my girls!
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    I'm going to try it. Thanks!
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    I love a capful in my own water, it helps with digestion if i know im going to have a fried dinner, or if I have had too much coffee.I cant wait to try to make it. :)
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