Make your own - No waste - 5 gallon (25# feed) bucket feeder for about $3

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    Ok, I jumped on this bandwagon. I already made the waterer with horizontal nipples. Now I made the feeder too...
    I love the ease and simplicity. It is great to have no poop in the water or food. It is also great to know that they have food and water that can last up to a week...


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    May 12, 2014
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    Call the fire brigade!
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    Mar 24, 2013
    IT'S A VERY SAD DAY TODAY..............

    Yesterday when we got home we found a notice on the door from the township letting us know that we couldn't have our chickens any longer. We weren't in compliance with the zoning for farm animals since we live in a subdivision and don't have enough land to be within the ordinance. We hade a very nice coop that I built with an enclosed run were they couldn't get out and they were very quiet too.

    Last year in March we got our first 3 chicks for my son who was 3 years old at the time. Within a few weeks we got 2 more. Our 5 chickens gave us eggs almost every day once they started. This spring we got 3 more and they are growing up great. Probably would lay eggs near the end of July, but we won't get to see that now.

    Our 4 year old son is very sad to see his pets (who each have a name) go. He fed them scratch each day as dad collected the eggs. It's hard explaining to a 4 year old that he won't see his "chicken nuggets" anymore.

    What a shame........ and it's all because of a neighbor 3 houses down decided to call the township on us because I didn't appreciate a cat being allowed to run around my yard and use the bathroom, come in my garage, and kill the baby birds living in our trees.

    Terrible that people can be such jerks and do things that make a small innocent child loose his pets.

    It was great finding this website and all the things I learned on it and the things I got to share. Made friends with some of you and had a great time telling our chicken stories..... But I guess that's all done now. We have to have them cleared out in the next few days.

    Wish for my little boy there was some way to keep them, but I'm sure we can't.

    Thanks again everyone! Happy chicken keeping to you!
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    It may not help you to save this batch of pets, but it is possible to change the ordinances so you might be able to get them again later. Maybe they could go live out in the country somewhere where you could visit them and perhaps get them back when you get the ordinance changed! I'm sure there is a law or ordinance about cats roaming about. She's lucky you didn't call animal control on it! Or, maybe you did and that's how this started, doh! I'm so, so sorry this happened to your family.
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    I'm so sorry that you can't keep your pets, but I agree with the previous poster about changing the ordinance. There are lots of people on BYC who have had great success doing just that and threads to help you with it in your town. You should check it out.
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    Mar 12, 2014
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    Mar 7, 2014
    I wish you could move to the country and still enjoy your chickens. So sorry.
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    Thank you for this great idea. I made a slight modification, here's what I cooked up. Took about 3 minutes for the chickens to get used to it. It's a compost bucket and a storm vent. There was a flap inside the vent which I removed, then I sawed a 100mm hole in the bucket and the vent fit into it snugly, no glue or screws needed.



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    I like this idea, too! Seems like it would work better for smaller chicks and with smaller containers to fit in smaller spaces. I will have to look for those vents. Are they for a clothes dryer vent?
  10. vehve

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    I bought them at Biltema (Sweden based cheap hardware store) as "Storm proof air duct vents". It seems to be an exhaust vent with a small flap that closes in windy weather which i removed. The air vent department of your local hardware store is probably your best bet for something similar. The bucket is a bio waste bucket.

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