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I would like to make a review in the "Review" section of the "Peepers and Blinders". However, my review is for a product that is not listed there. The products shown are Peepers with pins and my review would be for "Pinless" peepers.

So my question is, how do I make a review for a product not listed? How do you get a product added? I do not sell Pinless Peepers, however I do use them and I think folks need to know about the pinless type peepers. They work very well on mean chickens that bite, pluck feathers, attacking roosters and even pheasants that would otherwise end up in the stew pot or re homed, etc...

So what do I do?
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Does ANYBODY know how to add a product to one of the review sections that is not already there?

Thank you sooooo much!! I am going to use this info and get something up for review!

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