Making and egg skelter?


11 Years
Aug 18, 2011
Has anyone made one of these? It looks simple - and with all the super creative people on BYC I can't imagine that there isn't someone who had tried to make one. I'd love to see a pattern - or even a picture of a home made design.
Thanks katsdar. Those are actually made by fredy, a member of BYC. I think they are beautiful. Simple and elegant. But I'm too cheap frugal to put out the bucks for them. LOL.
I think that I'm going to go with a wooden wedge sort of design. I've got scraps laying around and sanding out a slight groove will probably be good therapy.
If you don't wash the 'bloom' off of them, I believe that about a 7-10 days is accepted average.
I have one girl that seems to think that she should lay her egg from the roost - which means it falls into the poop tray. Those get WASHED and then put in the fridge. All the others sit in an egg carton on the counter and get washed just before cracking to use.

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